Aloeganic Story

See how Dr. Santiago Rodriguez takes Aloeganic from the farm to our jars.

  1. Discovered

    Traveling to the volcanic island of Hainan in the South China Sea, Dr. Rodriguez discovers the world’s best aloe-growing conditions.

  2. Harvested

    Organic farmers carefully harvest the aloe by hand to avoid damaging the plant.

  3. Transported

    The leaves are transported immediately for processing to preserve their potency, purity and freshness.

  4. Cleansed

    An on-site processing crew weighs and cleanses the leaves with approved organic disinfectants. Our aloe is never exposed to harmful chemicals.

  5. Filleted

    After removing the rinds, each leaf is filleted and ground. Filleting the aloe–instead of cutting the leaf–preserves the plant’s healing properties.

  6. Filtered & Concentrated

    After removing the pulp and pasteurizing the liquid aloe, we then partially remove the water for a more concentrated ingredient.

  7. Frozen & Freeze Dried

    Concentrated aloe is then frozen and freeze dried in a controlled environment.

  8. Jarred

    The finished product–Aloeganic–is now ready to add to AloePure products.

Who is Dr. Rodriguez?

Dr. Santiago Rodriguez is a world-renowned aloe expert, with a PHD in Chemistry from the University of Texas. Known for revolutionizing commercial aloe farming and processing, Dr. Rodriguez has partnered with Aloette to create the world's most biologically active aloe vera, Aloeganic.